Natalia Menjhart

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I am interested in playing soccer at a 4 year institution, while obtaining an education in Marine Biology. I’m playing striker for Berlin FA in 2019/2020. I’m primarily right footed but I can use my left foot well. I’m good at reading the field and holding the ball. During games, I am an aggressive player and I’m not afraid to take on other players and work my hardest to be effective in the match. I have high concentration, work rate and intensity before and during the game. I’m vocal on the pitch and a positive player with teammates. I can play one-touch soccer skillfully. Solid first touch and I have a variety of skill moves for one-on-one situations. Very hard-working off the ball with a lot of movement allowing many different choices for an attack. I’m calm and composed in final third and finishing. Like to think of myself as tough mentally and physically.


Resurrection Catholic Secondary School (Waterloo, Ontario)

GPA: 3.7

Class of 2022


Team: Berlin Football Academy ID

Position(s): Right or Left Midfielder/Winger/Striker

Player Style: Playmaker

Player Strengths: Aggression and technical skill


Berlin Football Academy

Waterloo United


Berlin FA - Great Lakes College Showcase Champions

Waterloo United - WRSL Kick Off Cup Champions

High School - D8 Finalists

Honour Roll

School Volleyball MVP