Alivia Vanderhout

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I am interested in enrolling in a 4 year institution where I can get a quality education to be a emergency responder while playing the sport I love. A dedicated athlete that pushes her self until she sees improvement and gets it right. A fearless goal keeper that will do what it takes to keep the ball out of the net. You can always count on her when you need a confidence boost.


Cameron Heights (Kitchener, Ontario)

Class of 2022


Team: Berlin Field Hockey Academy

Position(s): Goal Keeper

Player Style: Vocal, Fearless, Dedicated and competitive

Player Strengths: Alivia will do what it takes to protect her net.She is very dedicated, when you tell her she needs to work on something she won't give up until it's done right. Alivia sees everything as a goalie and is always communicating with her team on where they should be. Alivia is fearless, she challenges everyone no matter the size of the player or strength of their shot.


Berlin Field Hockey Academy

Cameron Heights Field Hockey Team

KW Minor Ball Hockey

Cameron Heights Wrestling Team

Cameron Heights Rugby Team

Middle School ( volleyball,wrestling,basketball,rugby, football and soccer)


Junior MVP of the season for Cameron Heights Field Hockey

Nominee for MVP for Cameron Heights Rugby

Player of the game for Ball Hockey

Provincial Team ( Ball Hockey ) 2nd place