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Interested in playing soccer at a 4 year institution, while gaining an education in both law and business. I aim to attend law school and pursue employment law. I am able to make significant contributions to any team- I have very good game sense, leadership, technical and tactical skills, personality and athleticism.


Resurrection CSS (Waterloo, Ontario)

GPA: 3.3

Class of 2021


Team: Vaughan Soccer Club

Position(s): Right wing/left wing/striker/CAM/LB/RB

Player Style: Goal scorer, play maker, versatile attacker

Player Strengths: Technical skills, shooting, crossing, speed/athleticism, endurance, defending, game knowledge, leadership


London FA, Academy


NextGen USA

Next Masters FA

Vaughan Azzuri SC


2017 SAAC league champions with London FA (Invited to BMO Cup hosted by TFC)

2019 USA Cup semi-finalists with Masters FA

2015 EDP Cup finalists with Canadian Academies of Futbol all-star team

3v3 Ontario Cup champion

Disney 3v3 International Tournament Top Scorer

2018 Viking Cup Champions (High school)


Grade 9&11 Honour Roll

London FA Captain (2017)

Masters FA Co-Captain (2018-2019)

Resurrection Exceptional Athlete Program

2 months professional trial with Vitoria SC (Portuguese 1st Division)

Offered trial with Atletico Madrid

Trial at Toronto FC

Trial at Watford FC

"Most Promising Player Award" - Nextgen USA International ID Camp

Invited for 3 month trial at LANK FC Vilaverdense (Portguguse 3rd Division)

2017 MIC Cup in Barcelona with Nextgen USA

2019 Barcelona Cup With Lank FC

2016 Iber Cup in Estoril, Portugal

Canadian Academies Of Futbol League All-Star team (2015 EDP Cup Finalists)

Disney 3v3 International Tournament Top Scorer

3v3 Ontario Cup Champion (Top Scorer)


Disney 3v3 20 goals in 6 games

USA Cup 4 goals and 5 assists in 7 matches

Ontario Cup 3v3 16 goals in 7 matches

4 goals and 2 assists in 5 games - Viking Cup 2018

4 goals and 1 assist in 5 games- Iber Cup 2016

3 goals and 2 assist in 6 games- MIC Cup 2017