At Next Level U Sports we are The Home of Canada's Next Level Athletes! We pride ourselves in providing maximum exposure to our athletes, while also preparing and educating student-athletes and their families on academics, eligibility, and coach contact. We work with athletes individually and with elite level teams looking for team exposure!


We provide opportunities for Canadian student-athletes aspiring to play collegiate athletics in Canada and the United States. By personally working with our Athletic Recruiters, you will have the advantage of working alongside experts that have placed student-athletes at schools all over Canada and the US.

Through our Recruit, Prospect, and Committed programs athletes can make profiles and get started on their recruiting journey at anytime in high school! Get started and create your free profile today by clicking here! 

We provide elite level teams with full-team exposure for each and every player. Top teams deserve to be showcased well to Colleges and Universities both in Canada and the U.S. Through our experiences we have been able to provide elite level teams and their players with over 4 million dollars in scholarship opportunities. Contact us below for more details!