Claudia Mazzei

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My passion is soccer, fitness and nutrition. Between my team soccer training, my school soccer team, gym training and goalkeeper training, I manage to maintain a 4.0 average. My dream is to play college soccer and one day incorporate my passions for fitness, nutrition and soccer within my career.


Dr Frank J Hayden Secondary School (Burlington, Ontario)

GPA: 4.0

Class of 2022


Team: Dixie-Burloak Soccer Club

Position(s): Goalkeeper

Player Style: Sweeper keeper, aggressive and engaged in the game.

Player Strengths: Athletic Strengths, Honors and Awards I am a fit athlete and can handle the physical demands with ease of the goalkeeping position. Being a goalkeeper, agility is very important in reacting quickly in the net. Being agile is a strength of mine that helps me excel at the position. My dreams and aspirations have always come first, my goals give me the determination to work hard at every training session. No matter how tired I am I will always push myself past 110%. These work ethics have driven me to succeed in the game and also in life.