Femke Boland

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My long term objective is to play field hockey at the university level, as well as keeping up with my academic goals in my chosen field of study. My short term goal is to continue playing for my province and the NexGen program.


Abbey Park High School (Oakville, Ontario)

GPA: 3.0

Class of 2022


Team: Halton Field Hockey Club

Position(s): Midfield

Player Style: Fast-paced but patient player, who can quickly make decisions in defensive and offensive situations, and then make the right decision based on the context to further the play in our favour.

Player Strengths: I have developed a good understanding of the overall game play, and being able to scan the field to create the best playing opportunities for my team. 3D skills as well as striking and tipping in the D, have helped me create an overall skillset to help my team create the best scoring opportunities in the D. I know when to be patient and hold my position, and when to tackle the opposing ball carrier to ensure that I can regain the ball and turn over the play to my team.