Jannah Saad

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I am looking to pursue a high-level competitive field hockey career. This would be to eventually get to national level hockey where I would get to compete internationally and play on a university team. I would love to join a university with a strong competitive field hockey program either in Canada or the USA. I would love to play in championships and tournaments with a university team as well as travel across the country and across the world for such opportunities.


St Johns Kilmarnock (Waterloo, Ontario)

GPA: 4.0

Class of 2022


Team: Senior Girls Field Hockey SJK

Position(s): Defense - Left or Center

Player Style: Self-assertive

Player Strengths: On the field, I am a strong defensive player with a competitive drive. I have a strong hit and can complete an aggressive reverse hit down the line. I use dribbling and 3D skills to get the ball in an offensive position and can raise the ball high and far from one end of the field to the other.