Matthew Campbell

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Currently working with a High Performance trainer throughout the year and in the off season, Matthew is dedicated to competing at the highest level in soccer. He has won awards for leadership in his high school soccer team and been the captain on past teams. A strong student with A grades and accommodations already in high school from teachers and coaches. Matthew is committed to taking the next steps to further his athletic career and in the near future he would like to be playing at a high level of soccer whether that be university, college or abroad. He would ideally like to study business administration furthering his academic career as it is a top priority along side his athletics.


St Michael Secondary School (Stratford, Ontario)

GPA: 3.3

Class of 2022


Team: London Alliance 04B

Position(s): CAM, CM

Player Style: Playmaker

Player Strengths: Passing Vision Offensive tactics Defensive responsibilities Leadership Communication