Owen Yates

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My objective is to make it to the highest level of soccer I can in college/university or professional levels. I need to get into the highest level I can because in the future I would like to continue playing soccer either a player or coach.


Saint Thomas Aquinas (Oakville, Ontario)

GPA: 3.3

Class of 2022


Team: Oakville Blue Devils

Position(s): I currently play RB/LB but can also play Left and Right Mid

Player Style: I have a very quick passing and keeping position of the ball play style. I take advantage of my speed by making over and under laps around my midfield and wingers. I think I play like a mix of Kyle Walker and Alphonso Davies

Player Strengths: -My in game strengths are my game sense and awareness by my ability to read the game and make the correct decisions. -I have good stamina and speed that I like to use to my advantage in games