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How To Use Social Media For Effective Recruiting

  • 5 August 2021

In an era where cell phones are almost never out of arm’s reach; social media has never been easier to access. With dozens of different platforms circulating the word wide web every second, social media has become the main form of information transmission in the world. With many different options to use, each with their own unique features, it may be difficult to navigate which one may be the best to help you get the attention of coaches. Well you’re in luck! In today’s post we will go through the best social media platforms to use for recruiting and how to get the most out of them!

The first piece of vital information you must take into consideration when choosing a social media platform for recruiting purposes is your target audience. Although there is a wave of younger coaches working their way into many programs across North America, the vast majority of coaches will have an age between 30-60. Right away this should eliminate platforms such as Snapchat and Tik Tok. These platforms are geared for a much younger audience and I would be shocked to find any coach actively using it to recruit. Platforms such as Facebook and YouTube are “OK” platforms to use. Facebook may have some of the older generation coaches but it may be scarce, plus you would need to be friends with them so they could see your stuff, too many hurdles with Facebook for me. YouTube is an excellent spot to post videos of yourself, however, it is probably the worst platform in terms of actual interaction with coaches. When posting a YouTube video make sure you put your contact info either in the video itself or in the description below so if a coach is interested in talking to you they have a means of doing so.

In today’s world of social media, the two current platforms that every student athlete should use to help their recruiting process is Instagram and Twitter. Both these platforms are filled with coaches, school teams, current players, alumni, etc. When used effectively, these platforms can really jump start your recruitment trail, let’s go through each one individually.


Instagram has established itself as one of the top media sharing platforms in the world. Millions of pictures and videos get circulated to its users daily. As a student athlete looking to get recruited, this platform has many advantages to it. Firstly, lots of coaches and teams have Instagram accounts! It is very easy to connect with hundreds of schools via Instagram. Secondly, their video sharing platform is very effective. Whether it be posting a 60 second video to your account, making a quick snippet and posting it on your story, or uploading a full highlight tape to your Instagram TV, you can effectively draw the attention of coaches. Lots of times coaches do not want to watch 8-minute highlight tapes, but, with Instagram’s quick video options, coaches can get drawn in and check out your account more often. One tip I would share about Instagram is to keep your following/followers to people you know. This isn’t grade 9 anymore where having 10 000 followers was cool, coaches research who you associate with to see what type of a person you are, don’t let who you are following be a red flag. I would advise making a recruitment specific account separate from your own personal account. Post videos of training, highlights, academic awards, anything you think that makes you look like a great prospect, post it!



Twitter has firmly established itself as the best platform for recruitment exposure and coach contact. There are so many reasons why having a Twitter can help you as a student athlete looking for an opportunity. Firstly, a lot of coaches have Twitter and most of them are actively engaged on it! You can follow lots of coaches from schools you are interested in and engage with them on their posts. Secondly, coaches constantly ask about prospects on Twitter. A few times a day you will come across a tweet along the lines of “Looking for 2022 prospects to finalize my roster”. It is very easy for you to get your name out there on Twitter. Twitter is also great as you have to be short, sweet, and right to the point with what you want to say. Make sure you just talk about your best traits and what makes you a unique prospect; you don’t have enough characters to ramble on!

At the end of the day social media can really help you get your name to coaches and programs that may never have seen you otherwise. The big takeaway though is to be smart about who you follow, like, retweet, etc. Coaches are getting more adept on how to use these platforms too and will find your red flags if you have them. Use the right platforms to your advantage by showcasing your ability and what makes you unique, and most of all, do not be afraid to make the first move!