Julien Emond

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My objective is to play professionally through the pathway of university. As well as getting a good education at the same time.


Pere Rene de Galinee (Cambridge, Ontario)

GPA: 3.2

Class of 2021


Team: Waterloo U-21 League One Reserves

Position(s): Right Wing, Left Wing, and Centre Midfield

Player Style: Aggressive, technical, fast, hard working, mentally quick, space attacking player

Player Strengths: Physically strong because I take nutrition seriously and workout almost everyday. Game IQ, I study the game quite a bit and have a lot of soccer knowledge so that I can improve my game. I am also a very hard working player on and off the pitch, I train almost everyday to improve and get better. Finally, I am a very technical player as I always worked on my technical ability from a young age, doing extra training with several different academies and programs.