Maciej Tereszko

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I am committed and interested in continuing my young volleyball career at a 4 year D1 or D2 institution or an Ontario, Western and Eastern Universities/College in Canada, while obtaining a business/marketing education. With a positive and strong commitment on and off the court, I have the ability to excel under pressure in any situation, as well as showing a strong leadership whether it with my teammates on the court, or outside the gym doors. This is my third year playing competitive/rep volleyball, and I always find a way to get better at a certain skill. For example starting to a standing float serve, to getting comfortable with jump spinner serves under pressure. I have the ability to hit anywhere on the court, and using smart decisions as I read the block and also see how the opponents defense is set up, so I have the ability to hit it into open space/gaps, that leads to getting the point. I spot defensive holes, additionally being able to move with quick feet to dig that hit, block fast and effectively, and running those quick attacks. With many skills as an all-rounded player, I am still eager to learn more about the sport through the coaching staff and by easily playing the game, and to be a committed and dedicated student athlete, representing the school well.


St Ignatius of Loyola Secondary School (Oakville, Ontario)

GPA: 3.7

Class of 2021


Team: Guelph Youth Volleyball Club U18 Boys

Position(s): Outside Hitter (Left Side, Right Side)

Player Style: Consistent, Passionate, Positive, Intelligent, Expeditious

Player Strengths: Strong, consistent and smart attacker, being able to push outside the court, and vision how the defence is set up, giving the ability for me to see the entire court and finding those open gaps and angles to hit to gain that point. Being able to hit spots exposing the opponents defense, and fearlessly hitting off the block.

Powerful, accurate, and consistent jump serve, that is able to give the opponents hard times to dig the ball. Under pressure, I am still comfortable to use my serve to get the team back. I am able to find the opponents attacking swing and where he is trying to aim on the court, as I am able to react quickly with fast feet being capable of adjusting to server tendencies quickly and allowing for my team to easily score. Passing off the serve receive, I am able to keep a not be afraid to step in, keep a strong platform, and get that ball to the setter to be able to have multiple attacking options.


St Ignatius of Loyola SS Junior Volleyball 2017-2019

EVP Eagles U17 2018-2019

St Ignatius of Loyola SS Senior Volleyball 2019-Present

Guelph Gryphons Flight U18 2020-Present

Beach Ontario Volleyball 2020-Present


High School Sheridan College Tournament Champions

High School Halton Region Champions (2018) and Runner Ups (2019)

U17 OVA Premier 4 time Medalist (2 silver, 2 bronze)

U17 Rep Invitation Finalists

U16 National Participants

High School Invitational Tournament 5 time Medalist


High School Junior Volleyball MVP

High School Senior Volleyball MVP

EVP Eagles MVP

EVP Eagles Rookie of the Year

EVP Eagles All Star Team

Junior Basketball MVP

High School Coaches Award

Honor Roll Grade 10

Honor Roll Grade 11

Grade 10 English Award


EVP Eagles U17 Assistant Captain

Junior High School Volleyball Captain

Junior High School Basketball Captain

Senior High School Volleyball Captain


Personal Best Stats:

Standing Reach: 7'9 ft

Block/Standing Jump: 10'2 ft

Approach Jump: 10'9 ft