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Alivia Vanderhout

  • NCAA ID: n/a
  • U Sports ID: CSBCE3508
  • Status: Committed to York University
  • Class of 2022

Next Level U Statement

I am interested in  enrolling in a 4 year institution where I can achieve a degree in psychology while playing the sport I am most passionate about Field Hockey. A dedicated athlete that will do what it takes to see self improvement and won’t give up until the job is done.  A fearless goal keeper that will do what it takes to challenge a player and keep the ball controlled and will always boost the team atmosphere.

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  • Criminology
  • Psychology
  • Sociology
School Name
Cameron Heights
School City
GPA 3.2
Recruitment Year




  • Steve (Coach)
  • Greg (Coach)


Goal Keeper

Player Style:
  • Vocal,
  • Fearless
  • Dedicated
  • Competitive
  • Determined
  • Open- Minded
  • Postive Minded

Player Strengths:

Alivia will do what it takes to protect her net. When it comes to something that she needs to improve on she is so dedicated and never gives up, she will spends hours doing the task until she gets it right. As a goalie she sees the whole field and she is very vocal with her teammates on letting them know where they should be, helping them find pathways, helping them know when a player is on them and overall keeping the atmosphere positive. Alivia is someone who is very fearless, when it comes to people shooting on her, she will challenge them no matter the size of the player or the strength of their shot.

Team History:


Berlin Field Hockey Academy

Cameron Heights Field Hockey Team

KW Minor Ball Hockey

Cameron Heights Wrestling Team

Cameron Heights Rugby Team

Middle School ( volleyball,wrestling,basketball,rugby, football and soccer)

Individual Accomplishments:
  • Junior MVP of the season for Cameron Heights Field Hockey
  • Nominee for MVP for Cameron Heights Rugby
  • Player of the game for Ball Hockey ( x 3) 
  • Cameron Heights Gael Of All Seasons
  • Cameron Heights Second Letter Athletics
  • Most Improved Student Award 
  • Highest Academic Achievement Award 
  • Honour Roll Student 



Team Accomplishments:
  • Winter 2nd provincial place overall ( 2018, Ball Hockey)
  • Summer 2nd provincial place overall ( 2018, Ball Hockey)
  • Winter 2nd provincial place overall ( 2019, Ball Hockey)
  • Summer 2nd provincial place overall ( 2019, Ball Hockey)

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