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Briar Bach

  • NCAA ID: 2312186843
  • Status: Uncommitted
  • Class of 2026

Next Level U Statement

My objective is to pursue a post-secondary education with a focus on business and finance, culminating in the attainment of a 4-year degree. I am dedicated to excelling both academically and athletically, particularly in soccer, where I am a fierce defender known for my tenacity on the field. As a team player, I prioritize collaboration and understand the importance of working together to achieve common goals.

My commitment extends beyond the field, as I am dedicated to maintaining a high level of health and nutrition, recognizing the impact it has on overall well-being and performance. On the soccer pitch, I aim to not only win the ball but also to possess and distribute it strategically, showcasing my vision and playmaking abilities.

Through a harmonious blend of academic excellence, athletic prowess, and a commitment to personal well-being, I aspire to contribute meaningfully to both my academic and soccer communities, ultimately shaping a well-rounded and successful future.”


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School Name
Catholic Central Highschool
School City
Lethbridge, Alberta
GPA 3.81
Recruitment Year



Please see references on player resume


Main positions are fullback and wingback. I can also play as centre back and a little experience placing CDM.



Player Style:

Backbone defender able to control the back line when playing centerback and play balls that can create opportunities

while playing fullback am able to come back to defend but able to join attacks and create goal scoring opportunities. Physical player able and not scared to use my body, am physically fit to play full matches. Loud and talkative on the pitch.

Player Strengths:

Well rounded player, physical strengths and defending is well. Crossing is well am able to put balls into dangerous area. Have multiple techniques in my locker from pinging, chipping, daisy cutters and breaking the last line of defence.


Yes I have been captain for the season of 2022-23

Team History:

Lethbridge Fc

Alberta Summer Games 2019

Whitecaps ID camp 2022

Whitecaps Vancouver SX cup tournament  2023

FTF Edmonton June 2023 Combine

FTF Calgary Winter Combine 2023

2023-2024 Season Lethbridge Whitecaps Academy

Other Info:



Individual Accomplishments:

have received many school awards for writing and formal honor role student


Team Accomplishments:

Have placed in many tournaments with the club of Lethbridge football club also revived 3 place In Alberta summer games