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Gillian Rovers

  • Status: Committed to University of Maine
  • Class of 2022

Next Level U Statement

Interested in completing 4 years hopefully while playing both hockey and soccer, and completing some type of degree in the sciences/math. I hope to join a group of girls that I am comfortable with and have a very supportive staff and team. I am a very offensive striker who has good finishing capability, and good speed

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School Name
St Mary's
School City
GPA 3.8
Grad Year


Team Name:
FC Berlin


Player Style:

Aggressive, Strong, Fast

Player Strengths:

Speed, Strength, Endurance, Determination.

Team History:

Waterloo A/Berlin FC U16

St Mary’s Highschool

Kitchener A U13-U15

Individual Accomplishments:

Grade 9, 10 Honour Roll

Grade 10 Athlete of the Year.

Grade 10 Hockey Allstar team and hockey MVP,

Grade 10 Field hockey Allstar team and league leading goal scorer

Grade 9 Top 3 Regular Season Goal Scorer (Soccer)

Grade 9 Athlete of the Year nominee

Grade 9 Field hockey Allstar team

Grade 8 Athlete of the Year

Grade 8 Academic award

Grade 8 Leadership award

Grade 8 Overall track winner in my age category

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