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Kyra Joseph

  • Status: Committed to Edison State Community College
  • Class of 2022

Next Level U Statement

I am interested in playing softball while furthering my education.  I am a left-handed pitcher/batter and my strengths are my natural curve ball, endurance, and bat. I am looking to be a key player on a team sharing my love for the game and utilizing my offensive and defensive skills.

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Sports Management


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School Name
Ridgetown District High School
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Hi.  My name is Kyra Joseph and I have been playing and watching softball since I was a young girl.  This summer I am playing with the U19 Brantford Bobcats.  I am a left-handed pitcher and batter.  On the mound I remain calm in stressful situations and at the plate I am able to hit consistently.  I have recently been working to improve my slap/drag hits and they have been effective in moving runners and getting on base.  A previous coach once told me I am good player to have at the plate in do or die games.

I also train regularly at Peak Athletic Training in Chatham, Ontario and during the off season I play hockey.


Mindy Wilson

Brennan Youlton


Primary Position – Pitcher

Secondary Position – First Base, Right Field

Player Style:
  • Left-handed Pitcher
  • Left-handed Power Hitter
  • Effective curveball and fastball
  • Slap/drag hitter
  • Hardworking on the field and at the gym
  • Calm on the mound in stressful situations
  • Always looking to improve on and off the field



Player Strengths:
  • Committed and focused on the field
  • Consistent power hitter
  • Consistent in key game situations
  • Hard Working on the field and at the gym
  • Willing to learn and commit to practices and training


I have played softball, hockey, and basketball regularly and on those teams the girls always took turns going for ground rules and leading warm-ups.  There was not a designated captain but when it was my turn I was able to lead my teammates.

In school I was a peer mentor in grade 10 and 11 for grade 9 students.  We worked with the grade 9 students for a couple months to ensure their transition to secondary school was good.

Team History:

2022 – Brantford Bobcats

2021 – D1 Revolution

2016 – 2020 – LaSalle Athletics

2011 – 2016 – Chatham Golden Eagles

2008-2011 – Highgate Rock Co-ed

Individual Accomplishments:

2020 RDHS Athletic Excellence Silver

2017 Top Pitcher U14 Girl’s Canadian Fast Pitch Championships Brampton, Ontario

2017 Provincial Women’s Softball Association Top Player, Bronze Medalists

2015 ProvincialWomen’s Softball Association T0p Player


Team Accomplishments:

U14 Girls Canadian Fast Pitch Championships

U14 Provincial Bronze Medallists


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