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Morgan Tiede

  • NCAA ID: 2207609001
  • Status: Committed to University of New Brunswick
  • Class of 2023

Next Level U Statement

I am interested in playing Cross Country and Track and Field at a four year institution, while obtaining an education in exercise science. I am looking to become part of a team that allows me to grow as an athlete, and to compete more at a post-secondary level.

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I am interested in getting a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology at a four year institution. I overall want to become more knowledgeable in how exercise and physical activity affects the body, because fitness, sport, and exercise are major contributing factors in my life as an athlete.

School Name
Blessed Sacrament School
School City
Grad Year


I am a Canadian cross country/long distance track runner who is currently ranked #6 in the province at the 2021 ASAA XC provincial championships, and I am also ranked #3 in the province in the ASAA 3000m, and 5th in the province in the ASAA 1500m.

I began to take running seriously at the end of my seventh grade year, as I noticed that I had a natural talent and I genuinely enjoyed the feeling of running. Due to the pandemic, I am fairly new to competitive running, as my grade eleven year was my introduction to competitive cross country and track. The pandemic took away my grade nine and ten running seasons, but I still trained nonetheless. Over the course of the pandemic, I have grown immensely as a runner, and my times/paces have continued to get faster every year.

Since I live in a small town in rural Alberta, I don’t have access to a high-performance track club, but I’ve made the best of my situation. I am very lucky to have found success in my school running seasons, and I’m overall looking to get more races under my belt because I absolutely love the atmosphere and experience I gain from competitive running.

I decided that I want to run competitively in post-secondary last year, and I am willing to dedicate my time, effort, and passion into my sport so I will be able to fulfill my dream. Running has become my life, and I wouldn’t be the person I am today without it. I have admirable drive, determination, stamina, and I am always looking for ways to improve as a runner. I would love nothing more than to finally be part of a team, so I can be challenged, and reach my full potential as a runner.

I hope I have the opportunity to join your team!

162.56 cm
115 lbs

Dean Gau (Coach)


Phone #: 1 (587) 281-5585

Player Style:
  • Focused
  • Results driven
  • Supportive of competitors and teammates
  • Strives for high degree of excellence
  • Independent

Player Strengths:
  • Strong with maintaining pace while racing
  • Hard-working
  • Dedicated
  • Excels in longer distance races
  • Ambitious
  • Consistently trains year-round

  • n/a

Team History:
  • Blessed Sacrament School Cross Country/Track & Field team

I race as an unattached athlete while attending meets outside of school.

Individual Accomplishments:
  • 6th place at 2021 ASAA Cross Country Provincials
  • 2nd place at 2021 Central Zone Cross Country Championships
  • 1st place at 2021 Runnin’ Riverdale XC race (1st out of grade 10-12 girls, 1st out of grade 12 girls)
  • 1st place at 2021 Vermillion Autumn Running Challenge
  • 1st place at 2021 Bison Dash 5k Race RoadRunningCalendar2021.html
  • 1st place at 2021 Bison Run 5k Race RoadRunningCalendar2021.html
  • 1st place at 2022 Bison Run 10k Race RoadRunningCalendar2022.html
  • 1st place at 2022 Area 4 Track/Field Meet (1500m & 3000m)
  • 1st place at 2022 Central Zone Track/Field Meet (1500m & 3000m)
  • 3rd place at 2022 ASAA Track/Field Provincials (3000m)
  • 5th place at 2022 ASAA Track/Field Provincials (1500m)
  • 5th place at Foote Field Open Meet (3000m)
  • 1st place at 2022 Bison Dash 5k
  • 1st place at 2022 Runnin’ Riverdale XC race (1st out of grade 10-12 girls, 1st out of grade 12 girls)
  • 1st place at 2022 Vermillion Autumn Running challenge
  • Honours with Distinction Award
  • Overall Athlete Award
  • 3000m Provincial Banner
  • Various awards from my dance and art careers

Team Accomplishments:
  • n/a because I have not had the opportunity to take part in team sports, I have always been an independent athlete.

Stats:   – 21:22, 5K (ASAA XC Provincials)

2022_asaa_results_from_meet_manager.pdf  – 5:17, 1500m (ASAA Track/Field Provincials)

2022_asaa_results_from_meet_manager.pdf – 11:03, 3000m (ASAA Track/Field Provincials)

OverallFinishByGunTime.html – 41:40, 10k

2022 Vermillion Autumn Running Challenge – 19:40 XC 5km

PERSONAL BESTS: training (Found on my Strava Statistics; Morgan Tiede)

  • 1k: 3:11
  • 1500m: 5:12
  • 3000m: 10:34
  • 5k (XC): 19:40
  • 5k (Indoor): 17:10
  • 5k (Outdoor): 18:43
  • 10k: 40:23


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