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Raquel Reyes-Rodriguez

  • Status: Committed to Centennial College
  • Class of 2022

Next Level U Statement

Interested in playing soccer at a 4 year institution while earning a bachelor’s degree in education. A versatile player that brings good team work, competitiveness, and a positive attitude on or off the field. An attentive attacker/winger that observes plays from the opposing team then blocks crosses and interferes passes in order to regain possession of the ball. An asset to the team that brings leadership, chemistry with team players and determination to lead to success as a team and as an individual. Has field awareness to find good passing and crossing opportunities. Carries intense speed and is quick with the ball to make simple plays as well as good ball control for when more technical plays are needed. A very passionate player for the sport and hard working for education.

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International Education Studies is my top program choice. The reason I have decided to take this career choice is because I love teaching and being of assistance to people and kids. My goal is to travel around the world once I am older and financially stable so that I can teach English, math’s, sciences, etc. to kids or people of any age. Another reason why I chose this program is due to the fact that one of my biggest goals is to continue my journey in soccer and play/train in many different cities and countries.

School Name
Cameron Heights Collegiate Institute
School City
Grad Year



Sabrina (Current Coach/Trainer at Berlin) –

Isabelle (Current Trainer at Berlin) –

Gabe (Coach for Women’s U18/21 at Berlin in 2021) –

Santiago (Head Coach at Berlin) –



Team Name:
FC Berlin

Striker/Left or Right Wing

Player Style:

Playmaker, Goal Scorer

Player Strengths:

Technical Skill, Crossing, Shooting, Speed, Agility, Stamina, Highly Attentive

Team History:

Woodland Christian High School in grade 9 and 10 (2017, 2018)

Cambridge United in grade 10 (2018)

Berlin Football Academy (2021)

Co-ed Team at Bechtel Park (2021)


Individual Accomplishments:

Enjoys and participated on other sports teams such as volleyball, basketball, cross country, track, and badminton

Team Accomplishments:

Cambridge United – Placed Second overall in 2018

Woodland Christian High School – Won OFSAA gold in 2018

Berlin’s U21 Women’s Team – Undefeated all season in 2021

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