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Thalia Cruz

  • NCAA ID: n/a
  • Status: Committed to East Central University
  • Class of 2019

Next Level U Statement

Interested in playing soccer at a 4-year institution, while obtaining a kinesiology/health science education. An asset to any team – greatly contributes through leadership, technical skill, knowledge of the game, and a powerful mindset. A fearless defender/winger that wins ball, keeps possession, and contributes in making plays. Aswell, a huge threat attacking with lethal vision to distribute through balls, long balls and especially free kicks.

  • Strong work ethic
  • Competitive
  • passionate/self motivated

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School Name
St. David's Catholic Secondary School
School City
GPA 3.5
Grad Year


Team Name:
FC Berlin

left/right fullback, left/right winger

Player Style:

keeping possession of ball, passing, playmaker, physical/aggressive, scorer

Player Strengths:

Technical ability – ball mastery and control, dribbling, running with the ball. Allows me to shoot/kick far and high, keep ball possession close to my body when dribbling, take accurate shots, tackle the ball cleaner, and helps me to get passed defenders.

Mindset – passion/drive, mental toughness, leadership, coachable, self motivated, responsible. Allows me to focus in practice as well as focusing mind and energy on things I do in games.

Vision and intelligence – i can understand where other players are on the field. This helps me to think ahead of plays. Spacial awareness, risk assessment.

Agility – very agile, helps to get around players whether in defending or attacking

Stamina – can run around field without getting tired. Allows me to always play at 100%. Speed and strength.

Team player


(2016-2018) Captain of St.David’s CSS varsity soccer team

(2016) Played a vital role as a leader and starting point guard on the senior girls basketball team as a junior

Team History:

Waterloo united ‘A’ (2010-2018)

St. David CSS varsity girls soccer team (2015-2018)

Berlin Football Academy (Present)

Individual Accomplishments:

Nominated for athlete of the year grades 9-11 (2016-2018)

District 8 champion (2017)

OFSAA competitor (2016 and 2018)

CWOSSA champion (2018)

District 8 soccer All star (2017, 2018)

Competed in L1 with waterloo united as a under ager (2018)

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