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The NLU Way: What Makes Us Who We Are

  • 14 December 2021

The world of sports continues to grow everyday. Student athletes have more resources available to them than ever before. New media outlets, NIL deals, state of the art facilities and more. Once you arrive at these post secondary institutions, you will be immersed in unique experiences that truly revolutionize your experience as an athlete. The challenge is, getting there. As much as post secondary athletics has evolved over the last decade, so has the process of gaining these opportunities. If only there was a platform that allows you to showcase yourself to thousands of coaches across North America, where you can work alongside a staff that has over 5 years in the business and has helped commit over 100’s of student athletes – well you’re in luck. In this week’s installment of THE BLOG we will be taking a look at, well ourselves and what makes us a great opportunity for student athletes looking to make it to the next level.

Unique Process

What sets Next Level U Sports apart from other athletic recruiting companies is our unique approach to handling your recruitment process. Whether you are in grade 12 and need help with some final decisions or in grade 9 and are just beginning your journey, NLU treats all athletes equally and makes sure everyone’s goals are met. We start out with finding out what you want. As much as sport is an important part of your decision, it is not the only factor that comes into play. Through our database and research, we can narrow down schools that fit your exact wants and needs and contact them directly on your behalf. It may be factors such as academic program, school size, location, even weather throughout the year! We tailor our coach outreach to meet what you want both academically and athletically. It is this unique process that sets us apart from all other recruiting agencies and helps make your coach contact process stress free.

Personal Connections

There are many aspects of your recruitment process that can be overwhelming. Academics, NCAA Eligibility, how to talk to coaches, making a video, etc. These are all things that NLU prides itself on working directly with athletes and their families on. We are the only recruiting agency in the country that works personally with athletes in their families in all sports! Constant emails, phone calls, video chats, we want to be with our athletes every step of the way to support them throughout their journey. These relationships don’t just stop once athletes head off to school either. We continue to check in and have conversations with our committed athletes to make sure school and athletics are still going well and also help them transfer if they so wish. NLU wants to make the recruitment process as easy for families as possible, and by building these personal relationships, we allow for open communication and easier decision making for the future of our athletes.

Our Future Is Your Future

In the recruitment industry, you are only as successful as your clients. With projections to commit over 200 athletes by Fall 2022, NLU continues to revolutionise the recruitment process through our unique processes and connections. As we continue to find new coaching connections, new partners, and new opportunities to expand, one thing always stays consistent in our vision, the athlete’s success is our success. We continue to communicate with all of our athletes about how we can enhance their experience to make their journey to the next level smoother. We are constantly expanding our coach contact list, media outreach, and adding additional services to our platform to make the user experience as beneficial as possible for athletes and their families. We want every athlete who desires to play their sport at the next level to have the opportunity to do so. The big question is, what are you waiting for?


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