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U SPORTS Unveils Major Changes to Athletic Scholarships and Eligibility

  • 4 October 2023

U SPORTS, the governing body for university sports in Canada, has recently announced a significant policy overhaul aimed at better supporting student-athletes, scheduled to take effect in the 2024-25 season. These changes represent a significant step towards removing barriers that may have previously hindered aspiring student-athletes from pursuing their dreams. Let’s dive into the key highlights of these groundbreaking changes.

Inclusivity for All First-Year Student-Athletes: Starting next year, first-time entering student-athletes will have a much easier path to both participate in sports and receive athletic scholarships. Instead of the previous requirement of an 80% average in their final year of high school or CEGEP, these student-athletes will now be eligible for athletic scholarships as long as they have been accepted to a member university and are enrolled in degree-granting courses. This modification broadens the scope of students who can receive support for their athletic and academic pursuits.

Aligning Participation with Admission: The policy changes aim to break down systemic barriers that have historically impacted student-athletes’ ability to participate in U SPORTS and receive funding for their education. The new policy aligns participation and scholarship qualifications with admission to an institution, making the process more accessible to a wider range of student-athletes.

Gender Equity in Scholarship Distribution: Starting in the 2024-2025 academic year, U SPORTS institutions will be required to allocate a minimum of 45% of their total Athletic Scholarship units to student-athletes on men’s teams and a minimum of 45% to student-athletes on women’s teams. This move is aimed at promoting gender equity and ensuring that both male and female student-athletes have equal access to funding opportunities.

Understanding Athletic Scholarship Units: An important aspect of the new policy is the introduction of Athletic Scholarship units. Each unit represents 100% of tuition and mandatory fees for a student-athlete during an academic year. For example, if a student’s tuition and fees amount to $5,000 and they receive an athletic scholarship of $5,000, this would equate to one unit. This transparent system ensures that students can clearly understand the financial support they are receiving.

Pierre Arsenault, the CEO of U SPORTS, emphasized the importance of these changes. He acknowledged the rigorous demands on student-athletes who juggle classes, practice, and competitions. The changes, Arsenault noted, are designed to offer equitable opportunities for Athletic Financial Assistance (AFA) support, providing student-athletes with the necessary support to succeed both academically and athletically.

In summary, U SPORTS’ recent policy changes represent a significant step towards inclusivity, equity, and support for student-athletes in Canada. By simplifying the eligibility criteria for scholarships, aligning admission and participation, and ensuring equitable distribution among genders, U SPORTS aims to foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for the next generation of student-athletes. These changes are poised to elevate the success of student-athletes both in the classroom and on the field, ensuring that they can focus on their academic and athletic pursuits without undue financial burdens.