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5 Tips For Getting Recruited During A Pandemic

  • 29 July 2021

The world as we know it has and will continue to change forever. Simple tasks that we have been so accustomed to will never look the same again. One thing that will not change however, is the need for student athletes! Coaches are still constantly looking for athletes to add to their rosters. The process has definitely changed and today we will take a look at our top 5 tips on how you could help yourself get your name on the radar during these difficult times.

Tip #1: Film is your best friend

In a time where showcases, games, even practices may be in doubt, coaches are using film to evaluate athletes more than ever. Having a good mix of video can really help get you seen by coaches. The film doesn’t have to be a Ball is Life mixtape, a simple combination of clips that showcase your talent and what makes you unique is all it takes. If you do not have film or need help putting it together, there are services out there (like us here at NLU Sports) that can help you put it together.

Tip #2: Research schools your are interested in

A great way to help your recruitment process is by starting the conversation with coaches yourself. Just about every coach from every school across North America has a contact page on their institutions website which you can use to reach out and introduce yourself. Asking questions about the program is a great way to show a coach you are interested in them!

Tip #3: Make sure you are on track with your academics

When the time comes to fully resume play across the country, the recruitment process will come in fast and furious for coaches. There would be no worse feeling to you as an athlete than to have a coach be interested in you and you are not eligible academically to attend their school. There are lots of resources around you such as guidance counsellors, university admissions teams, and online help lines that can help you make sure you are set to begin your process.

Tip #4: Have a positive and engaged social media profile

As today’s world continues to go more and more digital, so is the recruitment process. Coaches are more engaged on platforms such as Twitter and Instagram than ever and that means so should you. Having a positive social media footprint gives off a responsible and mature vibe to coaches. A great idea is to have a sport specific account with some clips and pictures of you in action as well as your own private personal account!

Tip #5: Do Not Be Afraid To Ask For Help

The recruitment process can seem like an overwhelming experience for some in a regular year let alone one with a global pandemic. Seeking help with your recruitment is something that all athletes in this time should be doing. Whether it is asking your coaches, guidance counselors, or companies like us here at NLU Sports, any help is good help!


Written By: Ethan Andrew