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How to: NCAA Registration Process

  • 4 April 2022

If you want to compete at the NCAA level you must register with the NCAA Eligibility Centre. While this process may seem simple, there are a few questions that may cause some confusion. It is vital that you answer all the questions carefully and accurately as if you don’t you may lose out on opportunities or even some eligibility. On this installment of THE BLOG we will walk you through the NCAA eligibility centre registration process.


Step 1: Choose your correct Division

When registering on the website, select create an account under the Division I and Division II section. Even if you want to be an NCAA division III athlete, we advise everyone to create an account that will be acceptable for all levels.


Step 2: Your Basic Information

Enter all of your information correctly and accurately to the best of your ability.


Step 3: Specific Questions Around Attending School

In this section, you will be asked a series of questions around your elementary and high school records. Please answer these questions carefully. If you do not have your school transcripts available, that is ok, however you will want to upload them to your profile as soon as you can.


**NOTE Make sure you enter your school information in correctly in this section. There are many schools with the same name and sometimes even the same city name all across North America**


Step 4: Select Your Desired Sport


Step 5: Questions Around Receiving Money

One of the biggest issues in collegiate sports is athletes being paid by 3rd party sources to compete. In this section, the NCAA is clarifying that you have not received any funding from an outside third party to compete. Examples of third parties would be sponsors, agents, or anyone not associated with your family or team. If you are unaware of how to answer these questions, seek immediate assistance. 


Step 6: Add Another Sport

This section only applies to those athletes who may be looking to compete in another sport. If so, click yes and you will repeat some questions. If not, select no.


After completing this step you will then go on to the payment process. After your payment goes through you will be entered into the NCAA database and receive your own personalized NCAA ID number. That ID number is how coaches will be able to look you up in the database to check your academics and eligibility standing.

While some of these questions may seem straightforward, as previously stated, it is vital that you take your time and answer them correctly. One mistake in the wrong section could be the difference between being eligible and not when you enter your post secondary career.