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NCAA Lifts Restrictions on Division I Student Athletes Official Visits

  • 14 April 2023

There has been a significant rule change when it comes to NCAA Division I athletics that will change the recruitment landscape as we know it. Prospects no longer will have limits on the number of schools they can officially visit during their college selection process.

Per the Associated Press, The NCAA announced Thursday that its Division I Council approved the policy change that will take effect on July 1. Prospects previously could make official visits to five schools. Official visits are defined as visits that are paid for by the college. Prospects can make one official visit to each school, unless that program has a head coaching change. In that case, a prospect could make a second official visit to the same school. In men’s basketball, prospects will be permitted to make two official visits to the same school, as long as the visits don’t occur in the same academic year. Official visits can’t last longer than a two-night stay. Schools are allowed to pay for transportation, meals and what the NCAA defines as “reasonable entertainment” for up to two family members accompanying the prospect on that visit.

It will be interesting to see how programs adjust to this new rule change in the future.