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A Guide On How To Follow Collegiate Sports

  • 1 December 2022

While playing collegiate sport is the dream of many student athletes, there is very little knowledge on how to watch, attend, or follow collegiate sports. Whether it is a school you are interested in, a league you are looking into, or just the sport in general. There are many different platforms or mediums that you can use to follow along collegiate sports! On this instalment of THE BLOG, we will be looking at the different ways for you to follow collegiate athletics and learn more about competing at the next level.

TV or Stream

The most common way for you to be able to follow collegiate sports is through TV or streaming services. Many major collegiate athletic programs in the United States have their games broadcasted on TV or through streaming services. Networks such as ESPN, CBS, NBC, and more, broadcast and cover some of the top games at the highest levels. While this makes watching easy, you are very limited in which schools or sports you get to watch as it is all at the discretion of the broadcast company.

School/League Specific Networks

One way to follow specific teams or leagues that you are interested in are signing up for their specific broadcasting channels. Almost every school in North America has a broadcasting or coverage of all major sports. You can sign up directly through the league or school platform to gain access to watch these events. While some may be paid services most of these networks provide free coverage. This is a great way to connect with specific schools and see what the atmosphere and gameday set up is like from the comfort of your home.

Attending Games/Events In Person

While the internet has allowed us to tune in to sports from all over the world, nothing can replicate the atmosphere of a collegiate event when you are in person. Being in person for a collegiate event at any level allows you to see all aspects of what it means to play at that post secondary institution. Seeing aspects such as pre game routines, warmups, introductions, and more allows you to visualize what it would be like if you were actually playing at that school. 

Don’t Just Watch To Watch, Watch To Learn

As you approach making the decision to attend a post secondary school, learning about what it is like to compete at each individual school is a big part of many athletes decisions. Tuning into games whether it is online or in person can allow you to see what it would be like if you were in the shoes of the current athletes. When watching these events, watch for all the small things, the layout, the fan interactions, the staff interactions, looking for these elements can really help you separate schools from one another and make your decision making easier.

Collegiate sports are continuing to rise in viewership across North America. As more and more schools make their sports more available to watch, go and watch! Seeing an event in action can have a major effect on your decision making down the line!