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My Recruitment Process: When and Where to Begin

  • 5 August 2021

The recruitment process for amateur athletes can be one of the most exciting and influential journey’s in a young athlete’s life. The decisions you make about the sport you play, the level at which you play at, the institution you attend, and the program you enroll in, all have a major effect on your future as an athlete and as a person. The recruitment journey can be a long one, filled with ups and downs. It can become overwhelming to some, and athletes and their families may want to get on top of the process right away so they don’t feel behind the eight ball. On this week’s installment on THE BLOG we will discuss the recruitment process, when and where to begin your journey.

When To Start

Many student athletes and their families would love to start their recruitment process as early as possible. In terms of gathering film, keeping stats, managing your academics, those are things you can definitely do at any age to make sure when your time comes you have all the necessary requirements to attend any school or talk to any coach. Logistically however, you are not allowed to have any contact with a coach until June 15th of your grade 10 year for most sports in the vast majority of leagues. You can always use the NCAA, NAIA, NJCAA, USPORTS, and CCAA websites to check for specific sport timelines as well. Typically however, after the June 15th deadline you are then allowed to reach out or be reached out to officially by coaches and begin discussions about your recruitment process.

Where To Start

One of the most common issues student athletes and families face when beginning their recruitment journey is that they don’t know where to begin. The recruitment process is such a foreign idea to so many people that it can be hard to get off to the correct start. Below are some things that you can do to effectively start your recruitment journey:

  • Research Schools: Doing your own research on schools and levels that you see yourself playing at can help you narrow down your choices on which coaches you would like to talk with
  • Schedule Unofficial Visits: You are allowed to take as many unofficial visits as you would like, so touring campuses you are interested in allows you to narrow down your selection even more, as well as show the coaches at that given institution that your are interested in their school
  • Reach out to coaches: This is a BIG ONE! When you become eligible, reach out to coaches directly. Starting your process early on and staying in touch with coaches can give you a huge advantage on other recruits
  • Play in as many high caliber events as you can: Coaches at all levels attend hundreds of high level events across North America each year, so competing on teams that regularly play in these events will help you gain additional exposure.
  • Reach out to us: Next Level U Sports has a fantastic track record in terms of helping student athletes obtain scholarships at every level in North America! With over 100 committed athletes already, signing up with us would be a great way to make your recruitment process go much smoother.

As much as your recruitment process can be stressful and nerve-racking at times, there are many ways in which you can smooth out the process so you can make it an enjoyable experience. By being ready when you are eligible, being proactive with academics, athletics, and coach outreach, and seeking out help when you need it, you can make the most out of your recruitment journey and be well on your way to a successful career as a post secondary athlete.